Some Q&A for you!

Why does our work stand out from others who do what we do?

The good result is a give-in. What really makes a difference is our attitude. When we work with a customer, it's like a partnership. We become very involved with the project. We want it to meet (and exceed!) our partners' expectations.

What do we like most about our job?

The challenge to find the right solution, to connect the dots.
Knowing new and "old" technologies.... the ones that actually work!

The satisfaction of our partners, when they see the results. When they realize that they made the right choice, choosing us for the job (hey, it's always a difficult choice, isn't it?)

What questions do customers most commonly ask us?

Q: What's your area of expertise?
A: Every organization is different. We are project oriented, therefore WE are the ones that need to adapt to our customers. We have experience across different industries, and we bring that to the table as a value, as a competitive advantage.

What do we wish customers knew about us?

We are not all upsellers. We once had a company approach us for a huge job, we saw very quickly that all they really needed was a tweak to their current system.

It was cheap, quick and it worked!
After a couple years, they called us for a major new project.

What advice do we have for a customer looking to hire a provider like us?

Try to assess the ability of your provider to handle and overcome difficulties. Unfortunately, they DO arise, no matter how well you plan.
Beware of companies/professionals that push only one technology. It usually means that that's the one they know, which is not necessarily the best fit for you.

Value experience and flexibility.

What's our pricing system for our service?

It's very simple, actually. It's related to time.
But of course, we are open to discussions if the customer/partner is a startup and wants us to be directly involved in the project.